At ActionLogic, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities the Internet provides to businesses. We work closely with you to find the most effective way to utilize the Internet to increase your overall productivity and profits. Before the coding begins, we meet with managers, employees, and customers to develop a complete solution. Choose ActionLogic and you'll notice the difference in the results.

Custom Business Applications for the Web   Top of Page
If you can imagine it, we can build it. ActionLogic develops custom Internet applications for clients in a variety of industries. Our expertise includes Java, ColdFusion, SilverStream, C, C++, JavaScript, HTML, XML, Active Server Pages and more. ActionLogic utilizes the latest in Web application server technologies that can be scaled to fit Intranet, Extranet, and Internet solutions. In addition, our database experts can assist your business in integrating its Web site content with a variety of databases, including Sybase, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and Microsoft Access. Our solutions always take into account your current technology infrastructure to ensure cost effectiveness. If you need a custom solution for the Internet, look no farther than ActionLogic!

Functional Web Site Design   Top of Page
There are a host of tradeoffs that must be evaluated when designing a Web site. ActionLogic is an expert at the technology beneath the Internet. Our designers understand terms such as 'bandwidth,' 'compression,' and 'usability.' Unlike competitors, which offer nothing more than electronic brochures, ActionLogic creates a 'Web Presence.' Our functional approach also ensures your Web site integrates into your current marketing plan. ActionLogic will get people to your site and keep them there!

Web Site Evaluations   Top of Page
For companies with existing Web sites, ActionLogic provides independent Web site evaluations. Our process evaluates over 30 different facets, including graphics optimization, browser independence, platform independence, site navigation, search engine placement, bandwidth restrictions, and more. From our evaluation, businesses get very specific feedback on what they can do to improve the overall Web experience for their customers. Find out if your site needs 'just a tweak' or a major overhaul to optimize the experience for the user.

Content Development   Top of Page
You're the expert at how your company sells; we're the experts on how to utilize the Internet. Our technical writers will work directly with your marketing and sales personnel to bring your content to the web. Studies have shown that reading from a computer screen is twice as hard on the eyes as reading off paper. If, like many businesses, your Web site is designed around hardcopy marketing materials. You can weed out the 'fluff' and focus on delivering a high impact message by working with ActionLogic's Technical writers.

Custom Database Design   Top of Page
It's vital that any new solution for you business interact with your current systems. ActionLogic understands this, and we can recommend technology that corresponds to your current infrastructure situation. Our database experts can assist you in designing and integrating with a variety of databases, including: Sybase, Oracle, MS SQL Server, Access, and more.

Training   Top of Page
So, you want to learn to 'do it yourself?' ActionLogic can help. We provide customized on-site classes in HTML, ColdFusion, SilverStream, and Java. Through our alliance partners, ActionLogic offers HTML, ColdFusion, and SilverStream classes almost once a month in Portland, Oregon. Please contact us for schedule information.

Internet Marketing   Top of Page
ActionLogic offers full-service Internet marketing support for businesses. We work directly with your marketing personnel to define the role the Internet will play in your business. We then create and implement a plan to build, maintain, and manage your Web Presence. ActionLogic also offers special services such as search engine promotions and locating sites that could be potential 'cross-linking' partners for your business.